Monday, January 8, 2018

Gartenhaus .. a work place

A place that makes me fall in love 
love it !

and the kitchen ..
the vertical garden 
the pond 
the duck
love them all

The Year 2018

Time Flies ... And its already the end of 2017
its been 5 years since my last confession , oops .. i meant my last resolution 
Cant believe its been that long ..
Feels like i've been having amnesia and now im back with all those memories 

1.  In the end of Dec 2018 , i have to be able playing at least one song with a guitar
 and influence the kids ! ^_^.. 
You dont have to be a singer or musician , i just believe you'll be a better person with it :)

2. More activity for Diaz and Day ..
Kempo , drawing and swimming for my boy
Traditional dance , drawing and swimming for my girl
The point is : Say goodbye to gadgets !

Not just the kids , i think i have to less involve with gadgets too... 
Have to manage and find a way to working with gadgets when they're not around .
is it possible to do ?
Im not sure .. but let's try :)

3. Not giving up on them, please ?
Drown , saturated , boring , lazy , weary .... 
I dont know what happened with me , but i feel like im not really doing it anymore
Not focus ? Yes 
Boring ? Super 

Lets put the bar a little bit higher ..
This year The Holiday tour and travel must have another car for private tour
and for the homestay ,.. lets make the vertical garden HAPPENED!
 What should i do ?

Maybe this is the answer :
4.  S W E A T !
Get sweat yhosie!! Get sweat!!

Btw , i chalenge Rini to post this resolution and im the one who postphoned the post. :p 

Monday, January 9, 2017


No ,.. Not Diaz nor Day who addicted to this song
its me :D

Saturday, November 26, 2016

First day you came into my life

30 August 2014
two weeks earlier than what we expected

I never see Diaz so happy , visit us to the hospital
He kept laughing and singing .. humming

 I can see he's falling in love with his sister
can you see it too ? ^_^

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