Friday, January 28, 2011

Love to write ?

Remember that i have problem with my short term memories?
yes, i still do..
eventhough i already put lots of reminder everywhere
its been a while not to post anything in my blog,
i dont know where the hell i put my data cable?!!
that is why i end up writing
around the world in 80 second
which i can just goggle the image :p
and today, thanks to my hubby (again)..
remember my post "JUMP" ?
this is what i want to share days ago ..
mr postman came with my order!
yay.. they finally arrived
cant wait to finish read them ...
for the first time i have a friend who write a book!
She published it in nulisbuku.com
if you one of them
who love to read and write
Self published your own book
and follow your dream!
Congrats, Wina... ^_^ great job!


Juliana Wina Rome said...

You bought this? I can not believe. Really. Felt very happy when I read this. Thank you so much, Chi. I'm waiting the testimony.

Catherine said...

What beautiful books ~ enjoy reading them!
xo Catherine

koralee said...

What a great idea! Happy reading. xoxoxo

zeth radtra syam said...

hi cii,
z jg fansnya nulisbuku di twitter sejak awal2 dia buka.
tapi z blum terbitin buku, baru cerpen2 proyek yg dibikin ma mereka, tapi blum ada yg terbit.
sebenarnya z ada 1 buku yg udah jadi (dijilid sendiri, cuma 1 copy), kumpulan puisi 12 tahun yang lalu,
pengen juga z terbitin lewat situ.

wish me luck..

YHOSIE said...

@ mb zeth : dont wait! do it now! :)
i'll be waiting for it

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