Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hello Beach!

Me : Ringgo, .....!!

Ringgo : yes mam ?

Me : what are you doing down there ?
Ringgo : i dont know ...
i got nothing to do.
Me : why dont you finish your homework 
so we can go swimming tomorrow ?
ringgo : really ? ok.. it's a deal !

Ringgo : Dad, can you help me please ?
D : haha.. Ok!

D : let's do it..
come here, sit next to me
Ringgo : im coming!

Dont disturb please, we'r busy!

Ringgo : ok ok .. 
i understand now

I'm finish!
Let's go swimming!

You have to wait until tomorrow ringgo!
for now, give your best smile
and say ...
Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...


i think Ringgo affraid of water

:D kriwul

zeth radtra syam said...

ayo ringgo, cini2 maen ke tante z... pantainya bagus-baguuuus deh

Catherine said...

Such a cute pup! Sweet sweet!
xo Catherine

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