Thursday, January 27, 2011

Around the world in 80second!

sometimes when your daily activity become lifeless
but you have to be there
can't go anywhere ?
just come with me
Close your eyes, we'll have an adventure!
Let's travel around the world in 80 second!
we start from Australia :D
National Park
visit the best wine maker Hunter Valley and kangaroo
they're so cute!
and then a walk in a paddy field
in Ubud, Bali will be refreshing,
having breakfast while we enjoy the moment
and take a deep breath
now, let's ride an elephant in Bangkok and
straight to the beach
image by Goggle
take off your clothes and swim with me in phi phi island!
oohh, im in heaven!
but we have to go now, i want to see beautiful sakura in Japan ..
image by Goggle
what do you think ?
i want to try their national dress and buy one for my mom too
after put the clothes in my bag
RUN!! RUN!! all the way to great wall of china
image by Goggle
it's time to go now!
INDIA, we're coming!
India Tradional Dance
i want to try india traditional dance!! ayyy ya ya ..
ooh, im so tired
the dance make me so hungry
Lunch and safari? It's Africa!
Can you tell me what could be better than this?
i want to do something that i never did before
eat something different and hope my stomach can handle this .. :D
South Africa Briyani
South Africa
and maybe, we can swimming
with one of the family member
Swim with a lion
hhmm, we have to calm down for a second
sit calm and enjoy this one
ride a camel in egypt, and go straight to Italy!

look at the afterrnoon view..
listen to the gondola's singers..
the sun starts to set when we passes by Paris...
im a little bit hungry, let's find some snacks in mexico
i want to try this one..
Taco filling
end the journey in hawaii
hawaii dancer
image by Goggle
lay back, have a glass of wine we bought in Australia
waiting until our dinner served
just watch the sun sets,
dont worry...
he promises to come back again tomorrow
Have a beautiful day!
we should do this again next time! :)

1 comment:

Juliana Wina Rome said...

Just wanna arrive in Italy n never go back to anywhere else. Stay there. Just stay there.

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