Friday, February 11, 2011

Save Our Soul

i always knew that orchid loves
to live on the trunk
but i did this accidentally
i run out of hanging pots
and decided to attached this small orchid
which is almost died of drought
to the trunk in front of my house
I do not expect much of this orchid would live
but, after two weeks...
look at that!
the orchid survive!
and give me 3 flower buds
im so happy like i've been saved someone's life!
those buds give me enough spirit
to get through the day


zeth radtra syam said...

gara2 baca post ini, sampe kemimpi2 ma ni anggrek hehe.. smoga pas z ke malang, lagi berbunga yah..

have a nice weekend, sis

YHOSIE said...

hahaha.. mimpi anggrek ?
nice one :)
i'll send it to sabang .. pasti cocok ditempelin di pohon mangga

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