Saturday, February 12, 2011

In Love Again

valentine's day 2 days away
lots of love in the air
bring back the memory
when we're just friend
i am LUCKY
that im in love with my friend
and im in love again everytime im listening to this :

jason mraz & colbie caillat

and here's a link to bring more love in the air


Natasha said...

Happy Valentine's to you too! If you have time I would love it if you could link up your post to my Valentine's Sunday Song party!

Best wishes,

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

happy vals day

Juliana Wina Rome said...

Lah mek ngene thok? Tak pikir kate crito romansa" karo Apit. Tiwas aku scroll down rek.

ratieh said...

Happy Valentine's Day too dear Yhosie!

Mya said...

Happy song, and you and your husband are blessed that you are lovers and best friends - a winning combination.

Libbie said...

I love remembering back to dating too! Wan't it romantic :) 4 kids later, lots of love but light on the romance :) Actually we still are pretty mushy :) Happy Valentine's Day to you!

rinaldirusli said...

nice song

salam hangat mbak :)

newbie blogger ngalam

PakWow_Keren said...

kunjungan balik,,slm knl jg.. ^_^d
malas blogger ngalam

au d' reii said...

happy val's day ya mbak....
sorry2 telat!!

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