Monday, February 7, 2011

Cooking with L O V E

I cant be thankful enough to God
for giving me a loving mom like mine
eventhough i've been married for 2 years
i think deep down inside she still thinks that
im a girl, never a woman :D
well, that's Ok mom
specially when you keep sending me delicious food
i can't compete with that now
but i'm learning ;)

i have lots of her food container in my house,
i should returned them soon
so that she can send me again
with her another recipes hehehe...
but what kind a child i am if i returned them empty?
So, i go into my kitchen and waved my magic wand
This is what i make :

Fried Coodles
This is what you gonna need :
1pack of coodles ( bihun )
2 eggs
carrot, cut in small slices
chicken diced
meatballs cut in slices
garlic diced
salt and pepper
all kinds of soy sauce you can find in your kitchen :p

What you have to do :
Boil water and the coodles + oil so they wont sticky, and then drain
saute garlic + carrot + chicken + meatballs
followed by salt and pepper
and then put into it the coodles
stir it well and add some soy souce
fried an omelette, roll them and cut into slices
some pickles and chili
use them as garnish :) and voila!

here we go, mom "try some!"
if anyone ask you about it
please please pleaseeeeeeee
tell them you love it? OK ? *wink*
just dont forget to swallow mom! lol :D


Juliana Wina Rome said...

@Yhosie : I won't say it's delicious if you didn't send it to me. Hahahahahaha.

Catherine said...

No matter how old we get ~ we will always be our mother's little girls! Even at my age! :)

It's good to have a loving mom!
xo Catherine

YHOSIE said...

@wina : u have to sleep over to my house sometime and ill make you one :p

@catherine : yes, indeed :)

Libbie said...

Hi Yoshie! I have been married over 12 years & my mom still cooks for us on Sundays after church & Wednesday nights BEFORE church 7 yes she is always sending food home with me too :) With me it is real...the cooking shortfall :) But I never even thought of returning the containers with food! I would have for a friend but I never thought about it for my mom! Good thinking! You are a sweet daughter! & YUM! What a treat she is going to get!!!

Shelia said...

HI Yhosie! Oh, what a sweet mother you have to always bring you food. And you're a wonderful daughter to send back her containers with food!
Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

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