Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sending The SUN

Living in the line of equator
makes my country get the sun most of the time
7 days a week, 12 months a year
The sun never forget to stop by every morning
even in rainy days

i just realize from a friend's blog
that sometimes he got cranky
and refuse to show up
that is why, im gonna send the sun in my town today for her
im not taking picture of the sun, actually..
i just happened to take a picture
of my red frangipani starting to bloom
it represent the presence of the SUN
2 days ago
my red frangipani today
Dear Catherine,.. i hope you like it
and send the chill away!
have a warm weekend!


Juliana Wina Rome said...

Chi, is it expensive plant?

Catherine said...

Oh YHOSIE!!!! You are the sweetest sweetest girl!! I thank you so much for thinking of me and sending the sun my way. I hope the beautiful warm sun hears your message and comes my way. But until then, I will enjoy the lovely song!!

You are adorable!!!!!
xoxoxoxo Catherine

And ~ I also love your new profile photo ~ you are such a beautiful young girl ~ inside and outside!!!

Big hug!!!
xo Catherine

YHOSIE said...

@ wina : yes, but im not bought them hihihihi.. i have one from a friend ( the red one ), one from my mom (pink), and one from my cousin (white/yellow).. :D
if you buy them, will cost u a lot!

@ catherine : thank you ... but it's nothing ...
love to have nice friend like you. u'r the best .. banjo too! :D

XoXo ...

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