Friday, February 4, 2011

Movie all the way

Since i was a kid, im always being a movieholic
used to watch TV serial most of the time.
people who said watching movie is destructive,
never see a good one!
There are lots of wisdom i can find in them
Well, sometimes all that i can get is to have fun
but why not ? :D

and i spent my extra day off yesterday watching DVD
i bought 10 movie and 1 Michael Buble's CD
Bruce Willis ROCKS!
rating from 1 to 5 : ****
and then we need to cool down by watching this one
rating : ***
some action from Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz
rating : ****
and i still have 7 more to go
Weekend , We're Coming!!!


ratieh said...

it's too bad that i have to come to office today. it's "harpitnas"! -___-"

btw, i like knight and day too! it's very entertaining movie. =D

nengbiker said...

mbaaak. minjem dong dvd2nyaa :D ya ya ya?

pinkparis said...

that's one of the best things to do in weekend :) watching DVD the whole day.

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