Friday, November 26, 2010

Recharge My Mood

For the past couple of weeks i've been in the position of - numb -
got no spirit to really enjoy my days..
i even dont have the mood to post anything in my blog for weeks
and i have no idea what the hell is happening with me
office.. home.. work.. home.. office.. home
homework homework homework
daily routines
i get easily irritable with my customers
i even have a quarrel with my boss
trying so hard by doing anything to get the stress out of my head
but it still there... :(
until yesterday , my mom asked me to buy some facial tonic
at Belle Crown , Jl. Bukit Barisan No. 7 Malang / Phone ( 0341 ) 566313
and causally i look at their soap products and buy one for myself
when i got home, i lighting aromatheraphy candles that i bought from AceHardware
one romantic scent in my bedroom
citroen scent in my bathroom
take a bath and use the soap product with jasmine scent
essential oil from Ace Hardware
i really didnt expected anything
but the cloud in my head a little bit dissapeared
i've just realized yesterday that i become more relax than before
wow,.. i guess aromatherapy did works for me
you should try !
have a lovely day everyone :)


Catherine said...

Hooray for the grey cloud being lifted a little bit. It's sometimes very hard to get out of a depressed mood. But it sounds like you are in better spirits ~ that is wonderful!

Happy Friday friend!
xo Catherine

astridadeline said...

cool blogg

Miss Emma Kitty said...

I Love your candle holder.

yhosie said...

@ catherine : Thank you ...
have a nice day to u too! ^_^

@ astrid + miss emma : thank you for stopping by

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