Saturday, November 27, 2010

Frosty the Snowman

Hey, mrs. santa came early this year!
my mom went to Sidoarjo with her
dance and sing club
and bought lots of "gifts" for me
i'll show you one of them that perfect to bring the Christmas spirit in our home

it only cost you $1 each! wow!

though,.. im confuse with this jar ...
it looks more like a vase
but it have a cover on each one of it
hhmm... i decided to use them for snacks i bought from the market
Ups, Ringgo!! Step aside please ??

i cant make ringgo away,
i guess he wants to be exist
can u find him in the third picture ?
hahhaa... yes , he hide under the table,
behind the jars!

now, perfect spot! in front of my television
Mr. Frosty will help me to gain some weight this month! :D
funny story : David cant put his hand into the jar
to grab some! hahahaha..
im sorry hun, i guess they all belongs to me now :D

have a nice weekend!


ratieh said...

aaahh Christmas..i can't hardly wait for christmas! Yay!

i wish that i can see & enjoy white christmas. =P

Catherine said...

Such cute little jars! It's good that only your hand can fit in them! haha!!

Happy Weekend!
xo Catherine

Miss Emma Kitty said...

Those jars are too Cute !

yhosie said...

@ ratieh : hahaha.. will love it too!

@ catherine : yup hahaha, but he figure out ways to get some snacks now ;D

@ miss emma : TQ

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