Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hottie Season

As i ever mention before
the season all the year round
it was january .. and we have rain
it was april .. and we have rain
all the way may, june, july, august, sept...
and its november now
and still we have rain .. a lot!
along with the rain, the climate become very very hot here!
and i know what we need to decrease it
( we usually called it as "es campur" )
ingredient :
jackfruit - cut them in small pieces
avocado - diced
kolang kaling - coloured
young coconut - shaved
bread - diced
sweetened condensed milk
red cocopandan syrup
and you can always adding your favorite fruits in it
lots of ice cube / shaved ice

and now ....
what you have to do :
just put them together in a bowl
+ lots of shaved ice onto the mixing ingredients
pouring a sweetened condensed milk
pouring some syrup 



Laras Arum said...

hmm,,es campurnya bikin ngiler..
thanks for your comment. follow me if you like my blog. thanks ^_^

Bela said...

Hi dear Yhosie!! Sorry for not coming to visit you for sometime, I have been so busy sewing and sewing...
Your dessert looks delicious!!! I am not sure I will find all the ingredients you used here in Brasil, but I will try to make something similar! It is becoming very very hot here too!!! It is raining for a long time too!!!

I wish you have a great week!!! Love! Bela

Catherine said...

That looks very yummy! That is a lot of rain you get with the heat ~ we get a lot of snow with the cold. I think I would like it warmer! :)

xo Catherine

nengbiker said...

keren......... yg komen bule2 :D

yhosie said...

@ laras : i'd love to ... ^_^

@ bela : thank you for stopping by .. its OK,.. i've been busy too lately :)
have a nice day!

@ catherine : i would like it colder hahahaha :D

@ neng : :D iyah , msk blogger ngalam gak di approved seh .. y wis byk kan bulenya dech :D

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