Monday, November 29, 2010

DIYs Lace Belt

dont you think so ?
that is why...
im so excited go to "Citra"
at Jalan Syarif Alqodri 12 Malang
used to be called "Embong Arab"
(arabian street) by local people
because mostly people who lived there are arabian
where my mom usually buy laces,ribbons,buttons etc.
wanna make a lace belt !

and so, i got there and more inspired!
too bad , i cant find similar laces like vogue's have
these are items you gonna need :
a fabric belt, laces, and buckle

borrowing my grandma's sewing machine
( i'll tell you more about it later )
sew fabric band with the lace on their each side
in the end sew the buckle,
and thats it!
and TADAAAA...
i wear it to my office today!
what do you think ? :p
my first Do It Yourself lace belt!
but i still have buckles to use
so this posting become ..

to be continued


nengbiker said...

bikinlah 10 mbak, ada yg warna item ma ungu ya

ntar aku beli =))

yhosie said...

@ neng : hahahha...
actually i was looking for many different colours to mix n match with my clothes / t shirt ...

but i cant find them yet .. :D

ratieh said...

hey, you can try to make it in different color and shape. and then you sell it! *business minded. haha..

cute belt & very creative. me likey! ^^

Bela said...

Hi, dear friend Yhosie!!! I dropped by to say hello and to wish you a happy happy weekend!!! Love!! Bela.

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