Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Clumsy Me

Waked up by neighbours who are busy already with their children and daily activities. With eyes still close, i reach under my pillow for my cell phone, where the hell is it ?? aaagghh, i cant find it! i have to walk to my living room try to check the time.. and find out it's still 05.00 AM!! i got back to my bed but .....after 5 minutes the sound of a rolling door opened is killing me, they should fix it soon! motorcycle pass by ... one, two, three.. Ohhh God, that's it .. i got to get up from my bed now, better than listening all these noise ...Its been over a year since i moved into this house, yet i havent really adapt with all of this. I used to wake up in a quiet peaceful morning.
Clean up dining table, cooking, serving breakfast, sweeping, mopping, takes almost 2 hours to finished them all. After taking a nice bath, im waiting for my husband back from his office taking his night shift. With a cup of hot tea , watching morning news from national channel.... hoping that they can start our daily days with bad news no more...where's my remote control ? hhmm...
R inggo run like a crazy dog to the front door, ... Someone's there! He welcome David with his tail moving here and there :D hahaha.. . Let's have breakfast! Ringgo sitting next to David 's chair waiting for his kindness to share some roasted chicken. Rice , roasted chicken , fried tempe and tahu ( tofu ), and we love sambal (chili souce) very much.
image from Here
David remind me that it's 8 o'clock already, ok ok .. give me 5 minutes, i;ll be ready after clean up dishes, 5 minutes giving ringgo his food and water, checking stove, 5 minutes put on some make up, 5 minutes choosing clothes,.. OH NO! Its 8.25! I got to hurry!! Bye,... grabbed my bag and jacket and i run.. standing in front of my front door, i turn back. KEY!! where's my key ? David helped me find my key.. and it took 10 minutes until we finally find it. i'll be late for sure ...
Arrived at my office 08.50. yes, my office is so close i shouldnt be late! Entering my office with office, turn on PC , walked into the kitchen try to restart the day with a cup of coffee... The phone ring , i t was my agent tell me that she already text messaging me the names of the passenger who join Bangkok Tour next month, asked me to check out the names. OK! Looking for my cell phone ... i should have put it in my bag, no ... its not there , my jacket, no .. its not there too! AAggghh.... i left it back home!!!

The End

Get the picture ?
Well,.. am i exaggerated about the real situation here? hhmm.. maybe...
But i am that clumsy! forgetting small things that actually important! Driving license, ID, KEYS!, wallet, etc..
I pray everyday that my husband wont give up on me :D hehehe...
That's why, i try to be more organize. Always put things in the same place or else i'll be find myself in a chaos.
So, I have reminder everywhere .... just like this one
my reminder board ... :D
a birthday reminder on my fridge! :D
This one help me to list recipe

i always have notebooks,.. but sometimes i forget to put them into my bag too. ..:( i can survive without them for now. I also have reminder in my cell phone...
But how can i remember things i put into my cell phone if i forget to bring it along ??

Wish me luck


Catherine said...

Sounds like you had quite the start to your morning! It's frustrating trying to remember everything when we get so busy. Good thing your hubby is there to help you! :)

Happy December yhosie!
xo Catherine

dahstar said...

nice post,i also try! organize and remember my work but failed almost!

Kellie Collis said...

My short memory is also a problem. But then you can't always have things perfect. Your husband is wonderful! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

yhosie said...

to all : thank you ...

Happy December to you too!

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