Monday, August 16, 2010

When Wall and Stickers Collide

spending time by having a little projet at home is always amusing
i dont like wallpapers cover up my rooms
dont like plain wall either...
since im not a good artist
lately , i found perfect solution
image by trititywall stickers
white sakura on pinky wall .. Love it!

the creeper on my wall...

hard to find stickers match for the room ?
you can just draw on them ..
dont have to be an artist , just draw a circle
and that's it !
image from http://www.stylisheve.com
image by Life-Store Indonesia
Birds in your living room!!

image by Life-Store Indonesia

you can even have fish swimmin' on your wall..

image by Life-Store Indonesia
take paris back home

image by Life-Store Indonesia
flowers always giving you so much energy
Home is the place that you’ll find one day
Home is the place where your heart will stay - LE


4g4th4 said...

so nice
really inspiring for me

yhosie said...

@agatha : thank you for stopping by my blog! have a nice day ..

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