Saturday, August 14, 2010

Head Full Of Inspiration

the last couple of weeks since i was blogging ..
my head full of inspiration from all over blooger's world
some of them are ...

isnt it lovely ?
im gonna steal this idea and make one for me
want to have it for my guess room
handmade bed-cover
delicious sweets from
A flower-dried bookmark from "JOIN MY JOY"
very creative and beautiful too!
love the idea
the one who really know how to write blog..

fifi's blog is awesome!
love all of her works, i cant pick one that i love the most

so many blogs that i love and want to share
want to put them all here ... hahahha
after all, just want to say .. I LOVE BLOGGER'S WORLD
thank you all for giving me so much smile in my everyday life

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