Monday, August 16, 2010

The Marshal and His Private

Being home alone sometimes means FUN
spend all the time just for me
watching romantic movie
finishing weekend project
a home spa!!

sometimes having no one but you at home
makes you feel empty

i cant always depend on my best friend
need someone to cheer me up no matter what
someone who dont have tight scheadule
someone who never got bad mood
always eager to play
and so...
my husband found him!

adopted 4 august 2009 by my husband
he listened to my complain
talking about economics, politics or our fave movie all the time
ask him to help me serving dinner
(by stealing and eating my carrots)
i wonder if he actually half rabbit

good for him always standby for next order

waiting for next order

YES mam ?
though we always had something to argue ...

its my socks!!

he devotedly awaits me, when im not home

or nite

my truly friend

do u see the akin? hahaha


Soné said...

haha cool animals~! thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog!

Lady Beth The Charriot said...


Nice Dog ... T.T

Wanna have one ... hohohoho

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