Friday, August 13, 2010

Town Annual Fair

there  are bulls and paddy field set on the fair
  Our Town Annual Fair called "Malang Tempoe Doeloe"
Malang is a small town in east java, Indonesia.
it was a fair with an old time theme, "Tempoe Doeloe" means antiquity.
the fair become a success agenda and public interest for tourism.

That makes the fair famous actually was the spectator,
people who come to the fair recommended to wear old fashioned outfit.
the theme was 1945, when people were still struggling to have their own independence
so, here we are... troops and nurses are everywhere

real veterans!
the fair always started between april and may, 
celebrated Malang's Anniversary as the closing event. 
Opened at 4PM - 12PM for three days, at Ijen boulevard.
no electrical equipment allowed , no lamp , only torch.
for me, the fair was more comforting to see in the last day 
because it will be less crowded and i can have great image too!

antique's transportation

images taken 65 years ago was print in a super large size,
so that people can feel the old time atmosphere.

the food and decoration was ancient too! :D

and it wont be a real fair without the sweets...
off course, once again "ancient sweets" 

"Bangsa yang besar adalah bangsa yang menghargai jasa para pahlawannya" - Soekarno
(great nation is a nation that respects its heroes services)
hopefully this event helps the young people to understand
not only the fun but also the meaning of liberty.
antiques furniture
and more antiques

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