Friday, April 8, 2011

More Brown

I've been watching the NATE BERKUS show for the last couple of weeks
and made me more influence by vintage interior lately.
Found several interior designer blogger who have the same interest make it worst, but in a good way .. :)

One of Nate's suggestion is to find treasure in your attic or old storeroom.
since i just moved into a new home,
i wouldnt have any treasure to find.
but i know where to find!
my grandma's room :D

since she passed away 3 years ago, i feel like i have to find something to remind me of her.
and last week, my mom found it for me.
the treasure that i'm looking for
an old leather suitcase hahaha
i know, for some people it might sound weird and ridiculous
but i love it :p
eventhough i have no idea what am i gonna do with it yet
for now i think it look nice in my bedroom
feels like i was preparing to go abroad
well, maybe i will
someday i want to just grab my bag and go somewhere
without making any mature plan.
that would be a one in lifetime adventure :D
brown , brown and more brown
my teddys are waiting


nengbiker said...

kamarnya cantik ^^

YHOSIE said...

@neng : makasiieee ^_^

Catherine said...

I love all shades of brown! All your bears are so cute and the suitcase looks fun!
xo Catherine

zeth radtra syam said...

love the suitcase!

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