Saturday, April 9, 2011


I've planned lots of things to do when i got home last night
but after a while, the light turned off
blackout for several house in my neighbourhood.
i found out later that there was something problem with the electrical substation

while waiting for them fixing the problem,
what should i do ?
in indonesians, we say it : " Mati Gaya " :p
people used to deal without it years ago,
and now we are so much attached with the need of electricity.. A LOT!
and for sometime..
i cant find anything that i can do to kill the time which is not need electricity
but then ,..
i found myself enjoy the silence and the darkness
having dinner in my terrace
something that you'll rarely do

cherish the moment
have a nice weekend


Rebecca Clairine said...

great photos on blackout :D


sunny said...

Lovely! Glad your proverbial glass is half full. =) Plus, the blackout resulted in some beautiful photographs.

Catherine said...

Even without any electricity it looks like you managed to have a little fun! Good for you Yhosie!
xo Catherine

YHOSIE said...

@ all : thank you ... ^_^

Shirley said...

great pictures!


dhila13 said...

then the pics coz of blackout :D

Simony said...

Cherish the moment, very true!!

Shona said...

Nice photos!

YHOSIE said...

@ all : thank you

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