Thursday, March 24, 2011

Opera Van Java

I always never be the kind of person
who will win lottery tickets,
or win another random gifts.
I will win something if i submit writings or papers.
I never do that again until last week
i submit short story and i win!
Trans7 invite me come to one of their TV program
Meet and Greet with "Opera Van Java's" cast
and win two tickets for Live show in Malang! yay!!
Opera Van Java is one of most popular comedy-Tv program in Indonesia now

One of their jokes lately is about how Andre (one of the cast)
seduce girls and women in the story by saying something like ...
Andre : Hi girls...
Girl : Hi ...
Andre : I believe your father is a farmer
Girl : How do you know that ?
Andre : Because you've been hoing my heart apart... LoL

we watch the program almost every night,
and i just can't believe my stolid - unromantic husband influence by them.

One day, when he was still in his office, he text message me :
"Hun,is it true that u'r father was a bus driver?"
( i was angry because one of his friend was my dad's friend,
i thought someone try to tell bad things about my father )
i'm not telling that being a bus driver is not a good job,
but the fact that it's not true that made me furious.

i grab my phone and called him immediately,
without saying hello, i asked him :

- and he laughed -
( me - confuse )

and he answer me by saying :
"Because you've been going to and fro in my heart all day long"
OMG .. hahahaha

and by wrote that short - true story i won!
the ticket was nothing actually, all that matters is the fact that :I WON!! :D
* howmany times i mentioned that i won ?
embarrassing and pathetic ^_^ i know *

hope u win something too today guys! cheers!


Catherine said...

Hooray!!! Good for you for winning Yhosie! I don't think you can mention too many times that you were the winner... because you won!!! haha!!!

Hope you celebrated!
xo Catherine

YHOSIE said...

@ catherine : Thank you ^_^

nengbiker said...

nyiahahahah.. kuis kali ini saya mengalah

*padahal ya ga menang emang*

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