Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meet & Greet

Escaped from my office 1 hour earlier yesterday
I did it for " Opera Van Java - Meet & Greet - Roadshow in Malang"
and told my boss that something important came up.
( well, i guess i made this important for me ) ^_^
and thanks to Trans7 for the tickets + merchandise
8000 tickets in one day
lots of people was in line since 4AM in the morning!
i feel so lucky to get them easily, in fact i got 4 tickets for tonight's show
will be girl's night out for me and my BFF
OVJ T-shirt and calendar

and a lot more merchandise in my bag :D
thanks again Trans!
Happy Weekend to you all

 at the UM dome - graha cakrawala Malang - the nite after


Catherine said...

Happy Weekend Yhosie!
xo Catherine

pinkparis said...

since 4 AM? wow ... acara nya di mana?

YHOSIE said...

@ caterine : u too.. :)

@ pinkparis : di graha cakrawala , gedung baru UM...
iyah ,.. heran ya org2 niat gtuh .. T.T

nengbiker said...

dan ada yg beli seharga 100rb. pdhl tiketnya gratis..

*kibas2 tiket festival*

Libbie said...

I LOVE girls nights & this one sounds really fun Yoshie! I have never heard of these guys but it would be fun to look into! that is one thing about blogging...friends from all over, like you :), teach me new things everyday!

My girlfriend is dragging me to a New Kids on The Block concert in July...we were HUGE fans back in the day :) Should be funny going as a mom of 4 :)

Hope you had fun at the concert!!!!

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