Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kid's Room

When i get bored
I always loovee moving things in my house
My husband used to shocked when he came home from work
found out that i moved our 2,5m tall kitchen cupboard
by myself :D

He was upset and told me that i shouldnt do that alone
But i did it again with our bed.
I just cant wait until he's back from work
Besides ,... he will say " later .. im tired "
See ?

Its been so long that im not doing this
Thats because since i have kids, im at my mom's house A LOT.
And im moving a lot too from one room to another.
But now , im settle .. 
this is still at my mom's because she's not let me back home yet
unless i let the kids at her's :p 

i've been planning to have kids room since Diaz born
that's 3 years ago hahaha
Finally ,.. I did it
 Actually .. this is a standing shelf
why i put it on the wall ?
Because its impossible to put anything on it
Everytime i tidy up their toys
Diaz and Day put everything back on the floor

To be continue

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