Saturday, March 7, 2015

10 minutes cooking !

This is the first week for Diaz going to school
So , we all still adapt with new scheadule
the clock ticking ..
tik tok tik tok 
im up at 5 in the morning
i blink and suddenly its 7 am now!

racing with the time
have to prepare breakfast less than 15 minutes
and this is our menu today
Hot Sausage Baby Corn and Tofu

Ingridients :
Cut sausage - custom
Baby Corn cut in small pieces
Tofu diced
Soy sauce
Oyster sauce

How to cook :
 Fried sausage and tofu , lift ...
Stir fry garlic with baby corn
mixed with sausage and tofu
add some sugar , salt , pepper, soy and oyster sauce
served with a cup of hot rice


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