Thursday, June 12, 2014

He's My Boy !

One day....
Diaz my two years old son and me go to the supermarker
Im looking for a plastic cup, to make pudding for "ascension day" in our church
its 09.00 PM already, so other store already closed.

too bad, i cant find any plastic cup there...
So we looking for shampoo instead

We turned to next isle
And i saw two bottles of shampoo on the floor
someone must nudging and left

Something that surprised me ...
Diaz said " O.. O.. !! "
He ran approched the bottles..
I thought he wants to get it and put them in our basket
But i was wrong ,...
He took them and put them back on the shelf

Oh dear ...
You'r my boy!!! Big boy :)
This is one of the moments i deny to forget

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