Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One sweet day

Yesterday was another ordinary day...
But something make it very special for me

A nice hello and smiles from strangers !!
Not just one ,.... but two ...
Hhmm.. two is a lot for this case.

I was walking down the sideways during lunch time
Relaxes my feet , eliminate some fatigue at my office ...
When suddenly a builder smiling at me ...
I was surprised, and smiling back at him.
Then he asked "how long till it come ? " while looking at my pregnancy
" Its 8 months already " i answered ..
"oowww, great ... " he said again ..
and that's all .. i walk away .. a little bit confused.

Still thingking about my new stranger "friend", I walked again ...
after 20 meters... an oldman sitting on his rickshaw , again .. smiling at me
once , i thought he was gonna offer me his rickdhaw, but no ..
he was just smiling ... that's all

surprised again , i smiling back at him ..

hey , what happened ?
anyway .. it make my day! one ordinary sweet day...

Keep smiling everyone !


Juliana Wina Rome said...

Hihihihihihi.The world keeps smiling to new Orlando.

Ottavia (Huang) said...

you've spread the glow of happiness :) this article also made me smile :)))

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