Friday, October 7, 2011

My Dad's Cigarette

One day ....
when i saw my dad still smoking though he knew that it made him cough

Me         : Dad, reduce your cigar please ?
Dad        : Im doing it right now ... see ?  ( reducing a cigar from its pack ) with a big smile in his face
Me         : ????? * sigh *


niQue said...

xixixi ....
nanti juga brenti sendiri
klo makin diomong makin dilawan sih
yang sabar yaa

*bapaku brenti ngerokok ketika sudah punya cucu2 dan ingin hidup lebih lama lagi*

Juliana Wina Rome said...


Mike Sulistyowati said...

someday, when my hubby complained why I spend incredible amount only for spa-treatment,
then I countered his complain : "better than burning your money for cigarette"

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