Friday, September 16, 2011

Write down your dream!

Finally i can get up and try to write again..
i lost my mood to write anything since may.
I miss the spirit that i have here... how about you guys ?
well, here i am now...

Someone said in his article,... tell me to write down my dream ..
instead of write them , sometimes i draw a raw sketch in my note
and i've just realized....
they really come true!
it is a really bad sketch, i know .. hahhaa
i wished for a new PC last november..
my husband didnt know about it but he bought it for me on 5th december!

i found another dream come true...
actually i wished for a small backyard
i tried to make one but after 2 years..
there are only 5 plants in small pot that i can manage :p xixi
Can you see the small bike that i draw in the bottom ?
after two years expectation...
im positive! yay .. :D
i put some flowers in the basket , so maybe its a baby girl! 
have a beautiful day!

miss you all,...

1 comment:

Juliana Wina Rome said...

Welcome back after thousand years waiting for your post.It's THE SECRET.Hopefully this virus can influence me too.Keira will be Suri Cruise friend.

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