Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just a Thought

This is my first post labeled "Inspiring People"
and i dedicated to 2 souls that filled me with their wisdoms.
the first one i believe been inspired lots and lots of people in the world with her kindness,
i dont think that i have to explain who she is,..
and why i love her so much ...
since everyone knows who she is.
for me ,
she's the one who "teach" me about life when i still in elementary school,
sharing lots of wisdom and tell a story about lots of inspiring souls..
if you read my previous posts, you must know that i have problems with
my memories, i forget things .. hahaha
but not the "story" that she put in front of me.

sadly, the show come to an end
Oprah retired after 25 years.
Hope the legacy pass on people who've seen the show all those years!
first, i should start it with myself.
since im not a determined person,
i think i should write my promise herein my blog.
so when i start to forget this promise,
hopefully there's someone to remind me.. :D
so, this is a promise to the world....
that i've been thinking about it over and over again in my head.
i gathered my caurage to finally write it...

i'll share an inspiration and help someone to dream BIG
and someone who get it must be someone who hardly can get one from his/her environment..
( i'll share it in my next post )

and the second person who i always wait for his shows is
im not sure if he's known abroad,
he's the one who make me falling seriously writing..
a journalist who love to share inspiring thoughts
how words can influence your minds
how words turned you into different person

what you've read is what make you become today
( im sorry, once again i forgot who said that .. :D
but i do remember it and the most important is i trully know that it is true ... )


niQue said...

Oprah? tidak ada kata yang bisa menggambarkan betapa saya mengagumi dia :) sedih sih acaranya udahan, tapi yah .... gimana lagi :)

Catherine said...

I love Oprah ~ she has done so many wonderful things and inspired so many people hasn't she? I will indeed miss her show.

Happy Weekend sweet Yhosie!
xo Catherine

Shona said...

Inspiring? Oprah ? Ehhh.. she's alright, I think Tyra Banks is better and more outgoing then her though!

YHOSIE said...

@nique : just keep sharing the love :D

@Catherine : yes indeed.. :)

@ shona : well, she is for me :D

Natasha said...

I definitely know of Oprah but I hadn't heard of Andy F Noya before. Thanks for telling me about him. I think it is a great idea to share the love <3

Best wishes and happy weekend,

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