Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Friend

Having Ringgo in my house, make it impossible to have 
a quiet moment or a tidy room...
But not today,
Ringgo making a new friend!
and they two get along just fine LoL
He volunteer to be my object
share spaces while watching TV
I think ringgo enjoy being captured by camera now
He didnt move at all
They both make me miss my best friends :D
Gonna call them now
Hi there! :D


aku said...

2 days later, ringgo will cut him in pieces. hahahaha

Catherine said...

Oh ~ how sweet! It's nice to have a friend to curl up and watch TV with! Ringgo and friend look so cute!

xo Catherine

Juliana Wina Rome said...

Hahahahahhahahahha.Wis wis.Ringgo dadi koper boy dadakan di layar blog emaknya.

YHOSIE said...

@ aku : since last night, he's not let his friend sleeping on the matras. He keeps put his friend on the floor hahaha

@ catherine : yes it is :D

@ wina : hahaha begitulah :p

Libbie said...

So funny Yhoshie! I love it! They look pretty cute all cuddled up :)

Shona said...

Awww, so cute!!

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