Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's Weekend Again!

Sometimes after a long busy week,
spending time only at home
watching TV is the most precious time
lay back on my supersize cushion
change from one channel to another
i'm the laziest dog on earth
I'm practising my french though
Il est à nouveau week-end
A une très belle journée
au revoir!


Catherine said...

It is a snowy day here today ~ I think I will be lazy and lay on the couch too! :)

xo Catherine

Libbie said...

I agreee! That is what I am doing this afternoon! Just crashed in front of the couch having a relaxing day after yesterday didn't work out :) Baby is fine but still in m y tummy :) It's okay though! Now they think they will induce me on Tuesday....that will be here before I know it!

pinkparis said...

I do love weekend! Time to get lazy and time is mine.

Anonymous said...

I have to practice American Sign Language.

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