Monday, March 7, 2011

Ringgo's guest

i got shocked
when i got home after family reunion out of my town yesterday
it seems like a starship came from nowhere,
fall apart in my livingroom
Ringgo was home alone all day long.
and there's a hole in my ceiling!!
i was terrified to get into the house
someone might waiting somewhere behind the door!

we tiptoe when we ( me n David ) enter
and finally found the "allien"!!
right there behind the storage
terrified with the situation as much as i do!
oh dear .... i guess,
Ringgo was not being a good host when im away .. :p
poor kitty LOL


Juliana Wina Rome said...

It's sound cruel maybe. But I will whisper in Ringgo's ear.Just beat that cat, Ringgo! Beat it!
*me who hates cat very much*

Catherine said...

Oh oh ~ what did kitty do?

Glad you made it home safe and sound from your trip Yhosie!

xo Catherine

zeth radtra syam said...


udah diadopsi aja, ntar kl udah kenal, ringgo pasti sayang.
tak kenal maka tak sayang hihi

YHOSIE said...

@ wina : hahaha u'r a bad girl!

@ catherine : i guess they were both afraid and shocked too when they met (ringgo n kitty) .. you can see it there in my livingroom :D
the cat fall from my ceiling!

@ z : xixixi.. i dont think so :D

odhiepe said...


ringgo yg takut dengan kucing....
sukanya makan wortel
suka usil tapi kalo diusilin suka ngambek

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