Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vintage Touch

I used to call my dad's house as home
but its more like antiques gallery now... hahaha
blame it to my dad :D
our livingroom with old javanese carving
match to the super vintage floor
which is the original floor since the house build back in 50's
i never really like it before
"the vintage touch"
but living in this house since i was 5
made me influenced by it
Gaselle Bike
this is one of his fave bike
he put it in our family room
and my mom can't say anything about it! :D
yes, one of them coz he has at least five in our backyard

old lamps collection
we must put some kerosene to illuminate it
this is an iron...
and IT IS made from an IRON!
people used to put some charcoal to get the heat
im so glad i born after 70's
and this one we call "becak"
a small version of it

hhmm... vintage touch
looks cute to mix with modern style
just give it a try..
and you wont regret it!
they have more story to tell!


Juliana Wina Rome said...

I think that is my pedicab. Your Dad stole it from me and he change the color into black as the first color is violet.
Friends in RMD gave it to me. Hahahahahaaha.

Catherine said...

It's hard to go home and everything has changed, as it doesn't feel like 'home' anymore. :(

Happy Thursday!
xo Catherine

ratieh said...

i loooooovveeee those old lamps! i'd like to have them too in my home one day. =)

nengbiker said...

ngga pernah ngga suka klo maen ke ruma dodz. betah banget bau 'lawasan'nya.

its a homie homy home.

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