Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashion Inspiration

For a girl ( used to ), now a woman ....
that is not fashionable like me
it's hard to keep up the fashion trends
yet, it is always Fun to see them who did
Love to find some inspirational fashion,
though i never really apply it to my daily clothes
So, what's the point of seek inspiration ?
I trully dont know either hahaha

Fashion Inspirational From Movie Characters
Sex and The City
1. Cool and Unconventional like Carrie
2. Classic and Pretty like Charlotte

3. Bold and Sexy like Samantha

4. Chick and Smart like Miranda

Fashion Inspiration Of
The Devil Wears Prada

Fashion Inspiration Of
Eat , Pray and Love

and i can't find something that looks bad on her

What's your style ?
whatever it is....

There's one thing that we should remember

Always be a first-rate version of yourself,
instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.
and when people start to questioning your style
read this quote from a woman who gives the world so much inspiration
I was once afraid of people saying,
"Who does she think she is?"
Now I have the courage to stand and say,
"This is who I am."


Juliana Wina Rome said...

Julia Roberts of course will be my choice is.

ratieh said...

well, i always get my fashion inspiration from movies, magazines and fashion bloggers. BUT..i'll only ware clothes that are comfortable to me. =)

the point is just be your self not others want to see.^^

koralee said...

lovely post today..julia is my choice too.

Hugs and love for a wonderful weekend.

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