Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome December..

a friend brought me a nice gift last weekend
a beautiful DECEMBER gift
cup cakes!!
it's a masterpiece!! :D
wish i can make one

and they're delicious too!!
i thought they'll be too sweet to eat
but they'r not!

Have a nice day!
image by Me, Only Me


Catherine said...

These treats look too beautiful to eat! But I would still eat them...haha! Yummy!
xo Catherine

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

cute cupcakes..
i wouldnt eat them,,maybe i just save it..ahhahaha

Bela said...

what a special friend you have, Yhosie!!! Delicious delicious gift!!! Love! Bela

yhosie said...

@ to all : it is yummy :D ... Xo

ratieh said...

aahh..what a beautiful & cute gift. ^^

nengbiker said...

itu mesen dimana yg kiyut gituuu T___T

yhosie said...

@ neng: it was a gift ...
but ill show you where u can order these ...

Libbie said...

I don't know if i could bite into it! but I bet it taste good too! I saw some like this somewhere else & was dreaming of making one :) But I know I don't have the skills I don't even like to bake actually :) But I still like to think about how to make those flowers! :)

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