Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sleeping with the enemy

its been a while since my latest post
the news on television about mount merapi,
mentawai tsunami, and wasiors's flood
are still become the headline news....
even Ringgo can feel the sadness
He beg me to stay in bed with us..

Ringgo : pleeeaaassssseee???
i cant sleep! i had a nightmare
i saw in the mirror and i was a CAT!
Me : well, Ok.. but only for 10 minutes!
Ok, ....
i just want to be near you for a while
Ringgo : or, maybe i can stay to guard you
so you wont get the same nightmare ?
NO ?
well, promise is a promise
i'll sleep under the bed now

Ringgo : give me five before i go sleep on my rug

wuf wuf


Anonymous said...

lol.... aku gak percoyo lek nurut
"kejar2 ringgo"

seperti komik :P
nice post, i love it :D

Odhiepe :P

Anonymous said...

walahhh ...
itu semua cerita palllsssuuuuuuuuuu ...

aslinya kn engga kayak gitu ...!!

kamu sengaja urut2an kaleee...

hahahahaha =p

yhosie said...

@dhiek : hehehe :D
yap, i usually mad at Ringgo when he's making fun of me by laying on my bed...

@ Diana the anonymous : but u love it anyway ? rite ? hehehe

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

cute dog...i have a dog too..

yhosie said...

@ dorothy : they surely bring the FUN at home .. dont they ? :D

ratieh said...

aahh, cute dog. guess what? i've had a dog named Ringo too! but he's gone. T__T

wanna exchange link with me?

visit me back @ http://bochasworld.blogspot.com ok? =)

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