Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wish List

Christmas is two months away!!
image from HERE
dear santa, may i show you my wish list now ?
Santa : OK dear
Me : would it be too early ?
Santa : No, Let me see it
Me : OK, i'll show you then ...
I wish for
A friend that understand me for who i am
Me : and i'll be good friend for her too!
what do you think Santa ?
Santa : .................... ( no answer )
Me : Santa ??
Santa : .... wshwshwsh
(whisper to ringgo : lets pretend we're sleeping)
Me : ups , Santa and rudolf too tired today.
better put my wishlist next to him ..


Natasha said...

I wonder if Santa will bring me those same goodies too! You have great taste!

Best wishes,

yhosie said...

@ natasha : i hope he will! hahaha
i'll make sure that he hear us ! :D


Catherine said...

It looks like there is some fun things on your Santa list ~ I hope you get them all! :)

xo Catherine

yhosie said...

@ catherine : im not sure ..
santa was sleeping when i tell him about my wishlist :D


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