Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Night Life ..

Perfect weekend for me always about spending time together
when the time choose stand not on my side
i decided to keep smilin'
Having a lovely glamour Saturday Night Life is a must
in my dressing room
image by :Google
So, i dig deep my treasure
and found stunning collection from Rumah Modiste

and then i found my other treasure
a birthday gift of jewelry box from my cousin couple years ago
"treasure" from Elizabeth
+ these ...
image by : Me, Only Me

and i found 100.000IDR in my old jacket!
i guess, its time for them to see the world! :D

OK, im ready now for a little drama
image by : Free Download
+ laughter
image by : ALL ABOUT

and a hot chicken creme soup from Group Recipes

dont forget choco vanilla ice cream
image by : Real Simple
how can people maunder about their missery?
life can bring so much JOY just by very simple things
like found my long lost "treasures"
its all about our persperctive on the case
are you choose to be happy
or sad..
in fact ,you can just tell ur heart what to do

Have a lovely weekend everyone !


zeth radtra syam said...

my husband on duty till sunday, but i guess i'm not alone

coz i have a movie date
with mr.pitt, mr.clooney & his gank in ocean's eleven..

plus bunch of movies downloaded yesterday..

happy weekend ^__^

Kellie Collis said...

Love a good dessert! Hope you are having a perfect weekend! Kellie xx

yhosie said...

@zethra : i got lots borrowed DVD too!! :D

@kellie : chocolate always perfect dessert! ^^

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