Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chase Me and I'll Catch You

chase me!!
come on chase me... !!

when im still busy doing my things
i think Ringgo feels being ignored
he always "steal" something and showed me
asking to be chased

the victim are my laundry, dolls , David's cigarette,
my cell phone (you should see what he's done to my cell),
and lots of paper + plastics..

initially, we chase him from the second we saw him stealing things
but then ...
we found out that if we just ignored him
he put his plunder just like that!
when i try to take it, he instantly steal it again..
and RUN!
HAH!! so naughty!!!
he just want to be chased!!

wuf wuf

with love ,


Catherine said...

Haha ~ very cute! Pets can be naughty can't they! :)

Mia said...


zeth radtra syam said...

hi cii..
i think ringgo need acompany,
get him a girl *__^

have a nice Ied vacation..

omndutz said...

funny dog .. maybe that's what Idefix looks like .. does he stuns whenever he smell Roman ?? XD

Anonymous said...

He5x...funny :)

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